Album: The Anxiety Effect E.P. (2012)

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Song: Vigilance

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The Anxiety Effect is a 5 piece groove metal band from northern Pennsylvania made up of John Lockwood, Dane Hagg, Blair Heimel, Dan Kermick, and Chad Jones. New York region's online metal magazine "Upstate Metal" featured the band in January of 2012, and describes the band as 'one that does not live and die by the breakdown'. They continue on to say the band has a style that ranges from today's popular metal acts such as Lamb of God to Anthrax of the 1990's, and were extremely happy with being able to find a band that does not sound like the last group they just reviewed.

The band spent several months in early of 2011 honing their sound, and then launched into the local music scene with their debut show on July 23rd, 2011. With local papers covering the event, major buzz for the show followed, which brought over 175 patrons through the door. The group then immediately started pre-production for their first studio release, and began tracking in August of 2011.

With the recording process well underway, T.A.E. continued to promote their name heavily, performing in front of live crowds throughout the local circuit with high energy and great turnouts. Much attention was drawn to the band through local press and social media, which lead to a fast growing fan base that showed much loyalty to the group. While completing the tracking process for what was becoming a highly anticipated debut release, a launch date of February 14th, 2011 was locked in for the The Anxiety Effect E.P.

However, due to an overwhelming response from their core fan base, large donations came pouring in, helping the band process the print of the album faster. This led to an early release of the album during a live show which featured MediaSkare Recording artists Silent Civilian and Mureau, and Catch 22 recording artists Stemm. On January 21st, 2012, the band took a timeout on stage to reveal the completed recording to a capacity crowd of over 230 people, with the initial pressing of the album being sold out by the end of the event.

By fall of 2012, the band's reputation for high energy live shows began to grow. They began booking on the regional circuit within the Erie, Pa and Buffalo/Rochester, Ny areas, leaving many new pleased supporters with copies of their debut release behind.

After taking time off to write new material, the band is now focusing on hitting more regional dates in efforts to grow support for a new recording, which the group plans to begin pre-production for in the 4th quarter of 2013.